Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Interior Design Concept with Plants

Houses and nature is something can’t be separated from human life. The house where we are resting and socializing, and nature reflects the natural energy as source of life. If houses and plants are designed as a harmonious whole, so residents can get the energy of life. Home and plant aims to increase overall value of the space both exterior and interior.
Good composition of plant will bring a natural aesthetic element to your home. Plants as life object giving spirit at home. Plants are placed in a room can neutralize air pollution and also bring tranquility for the residents.
The following images are the green walls designed by Green Fortune. A great concept of green walls and can be inspiration for you who looking for plants concept to your home.

5 Tips & Tricks To Remodel Your Home Interior

Decorate a house so cozy livable not have to be expensive and exclusive. There are several tricks that you can apply to your home with amazing results.  There are some simple ways to turn a new home decor, unique and warm.
1. Include pop color
List the most important thing is to include the colors pop in the room decor. When you do not want to change the room to its extreme, try entering the small accents on the covers, sofa cushions or behind the sofa hanger.

2. Bring Nature Atmosphere to Room
Creating a comfortable natural atmosphere in the room was quite simple. You can start by keeping plants in the corner directly to make a change. Alternatively, put a rug from natural fibers such as sea grass or jute, or linen textured pillows, and other organic elements to make significant changes to the decor in the house.

3. Gold and Metallic Colors
Placing gold accessories and brass cab give warm atmosphere in the house. We recommend that you not choose chrome or lacquer. Add a lamp base, candle holder, a group of metallic vase or bowl to warm the room more elegant at the same time. Goods of this type are usually easily found in antique stores.

4. Redesign the Room
You can redesign the house without buy anything. The furniture around can add the beauty of your home interiors. Just check that you have a unique table forgotten in a warehouse. Polish it with fresh gray, your old table will look modern. You also can barter your goods with a neighbor or friend. It may be that your old cabinets can be exchanged with your friend’s table.

5. Buy Online Furniture
Finally, as the trend of shopping via the internet, you can get the furniture cheaper. We can have enough time to compare and choose with book or magazine in preferred model. Provided that the right to buy goods, you will save much time and energy. If right to buy goods, you will save much time and energy.

Luxury Bathroom Design as Prestige for Your Self

Elegant and fresh, this is the first impression if your view the bathroom designed by Delpha. Fresh impression will be more apparent when you are inside. With bright colors and luxurious design concept will make your life seemed revives. This luxury bathroom will be a momment that pamper you after work.
Scratches art works with bright colors that appear to make luxury and elegance bathroom. I think with it is bathroom design can provide your own prestige. Obviously you can do variety activities such as reading, spa even whirlpool, in addition to basic functions of bathroom is bathe.

Romantic Bedroom with Ocean View

The bedroom is an important element that must be considered, because this is where you spend time to unwind after a day of activity outside. Special for you who have been married, the bedroom will be a comfortable and privacy place.
How about if the bedroom with ocean view?, I just want to say it is awesome idea.
Imagine if you lived in a room with blue ocean view around you, I bet your body and mind reluctant to leave it is bedroom. Indeed to have a house with ocean view it is really expensive, but here I just want to share to you how amazing if a bedroom equipped with a beautiful ocean view.

Colorful Seating by Parri Design

Parri Design Seating come with bright color in your collection. Many Seating in wheelchairs has been designed to complement your desire to be close to brilliant in the design of several of its unique features. Let me introduce you to three series that have really caught my attention. Caramella son, my flower and Coccola. All designed by Marco Maran for Parri Design.
Caramella who like colorful candy lollipop is stackable and has a chromed steel frame 14 x 2 mm in diameter, the hull is made of beech plywood with adjustable height for comfortable relax position.
My flower adds a touch of freshness and vitality characteristic of flowers in spring. Available in these places was added a touch surprising freshness in your home office or waiting room of the public. My flower shows a foam core metal and the inner fire retardant polyurethane prepared in different densities.
Coccola key features expressive and full of emotions, and is blessed with a polyurethane shell. Comes with a lining fabric or leather and foam padding or fully upholstered with fabric that conceals the rigid structure. The base is painted or chromed.

Football Basin Furniture Concept

2010 World Cup will soon be held in Africa, The whole mankind in the world can’t wait to see their favorite team advanced to the final. There so variety ways for the community in expressing their love to the football. One of them is by changing the interior design with football theme.
For you football enthusiast and want to appreciate it in your interior design, this unique washbasin can be one good reference for you. Basin’s unique design and is ideal for your children room.

Elegant and Deluxe Rooms for Boy by Giessegi

Designing a rooms for boys can be more difficult than the room for daughters. Simple but can accommodate their hobbies and need become the dominant accent in boys room. Rooms for Boys should to reflect a strong personality through their favorite activities that implemented within a bright color. Room for boys be a vital area, cause in it’s room their play, learn and perform various other activities.
UNOXTUTTI of GIESSEGI has designed the rooms of boys with modern and deluxe concepts interior. It’s a room that emphasizes original ideas and functionality for kids and young people. Because a child grows so fast, this room designed as carefully as possible to save parent money, so do not need to renovate the room when the kids get older.
A rooms for boys designed with rich color, elegant and suitable to meet your kid needs.

Beautiful Indoor and Outdoor Design

Well, a comfortable home created need a good interior concept. In fact, the interior design not only for indoor but also for the outdoor.  The most important thing in decorating a house is able to integrate different element such as functionality, effectiveness, efficiency, space and motion, as well as the aesthetic of room.
In decorating a room there is never one correct pattern but it was based on creativity, originality and innovation. But by following some rules, at least the result will be better and not haphazard.
Here is an interior design concept of indoor and outdoor work of Paola Lenti. A minimalist and elegant of decor that combines modern and minimalist concept. Furniture used more simple but Lenti successfully combines harmonious colors, thus providing an elegant impression. The simple impression of home created from simple decoration idea.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Innovative Bookshelfe Work by Amy Hunting

Well, this is a different concept of bookshelf. Amy Hunting, a designer who became the winner of the Green Furniture Award in Sweden because her innovation that can develop a bookshelf from waste wood blocks and ropes.  Anyway, if you are an art enthusiasts, that’s a great item that you must have.
Amy Hunting’s book shelf has a concept of using natural objects that have waste, so, there is so many object not used anymore but can be extraordinary work if mixed with a little creativity. I think it’s simple bookshelf but artistic can be one the eye catcher in your room. Finally, the Books and Newspapers are scattered, can you put on this innovative shelves.

Modern Black and White Sofa in Living Room Furniture

Black and White is a perfect color combination for your living room. The combination both of color could make the room looks elegance. Natuzzi had designed Modern Black and White Sofa Furniture in Living Room. The perfect architecture which using black and white combination can be look in picture below :