Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elegant and Deluxe Rooms for Boy by Giessegi

Designing a rooms for boys can be more difficult than the room for daughters. Simple but can accommodate their hobbies and need become the dominant accent in boys room. Rooms for Boys should to reflect a strong personality through their favorite activities that implemented within a bright color. Room for boys be a vital area, cause in it’s room their play, learn and perform various other activities.
UNOXTUTTI of GIESSEGI has designed the rooms of boys with modern and deluxe concepts interior. It’s a room that emphasizes original ideas and functionality for kids and young people. Because a child grows so fast, this room designed as carefully as possible to save parent money, so do not need to renovate the room when the kids get older.
A rooms for boys designed with rich color, elegant and suitable to meet your kid needs.

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