Monday, November 8, 2010

Decorating Ideas for Small Living Room

Renovating a small living room is a challenge. Do you live in apartments or landed house, decorating a small living room requires careful planning, creativity, and a good imagination.
There are a few tips you can do, the first is, choose the decorations type that you like, of course that can help make your space seem larger. You also have to be careful to design a storage space for larger, making it easier store your stuff.
Another tip you can do is combine your collectible items with a small sofa, beside that you also can add a large mirror or painting, making the room bigger and broader. Keep in mind, when you’re decorating a small living room, accessories and furniture placement should be considered. Make sure your furniture is not near the door so as not to block the door when opened or closed.
The second is the play of colors. Color is one factor that influenced the design of the living room. You can specify colors to create memorable spaces seem larger.  Try decorating your living room with bright colors like yellow or orange, if you want a softer look you can use the bright green. Painting the walls with black or dark colors will make the walls look as though narrower and moves toward you.
With the above methods, a small room can be decorated in a simple. Use your creativity and you will create a small living room that seemed large and spacious.

Photo Via HGTV

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