Monday, November 8, 2010

Black and White Interior Concept Inspired from the Club

Home interior with black and white domination can become an alternative choice among the many colors available. However, you must be observant because it was not easy to combine both the color. Although impressed standard, black and white can also be played to make the beauty of the room. But, again, accuracy in placement and composition will affect the mood there.
The combination of black and white is assertive. Necessary accuracy and strategy in combining black and white in order to remain the color that is able to create aesthetic at home. In addition, the homeowner desires and personality also play a role, whether the room wanted nuanced masculine or feminine. Furniture color selection becomes an important element. Black and white colors are demanding a keen foresight, if both the dominant color in an interior.
To avoid monotony interior nuance, you can see the following interior concept. A new boutique hotel in Singapore called The Club. An interior design that combines traditional design elements inspired by the colonial but combined with modern elements neatly. If you look carefully, the addition of motifs on the walls or accessories can be a trick to make black and white concept interior not too plain. However, the addition of these accents of color composition should always be consistent with the concept of black and white.

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