Monday, November 8, 2010

Outdoor Kitchen Concept by Electrolux

Not forever the kitchen should be placed indoor, you can imagine a kitchen surrounded by greenery, well, this outdoor kitchen is creative idea designed by Jamie Durie for Electrolux. Green kitchen concept is one of the changes that we can do, given global warming continues to be concerned. With a little creativity and not too expensive of cost we can create a cycle green in our homes.
It’s a green kitchen concept presents the natural actors such as maximum utilization of sunlight and bring plants into your interior kitchen concepts. This outdoor kitchen will make you feel at home when activities because the air circulation arrangement made more open. With more open space will provide an outlet for smoke and smells of food, you will not feel stuffy.
Outdoor kitchen with the main needs for cooking, will make more fresh food, green kitchen concept that is more environmentally friendly can reduce the impact of indoor pollution due to use of chemical substances contained from furniture of household furniture synthetic.
With a comfortable kitchen, your creativity in food processing would emerge. Obviously your hobby will be channeled instead?

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