Monday, November 8, 2010

Bathroom Photo Gallery by Porcelanosa

Bathroom with good interior design will make you comfortable when you’re ready to relax after working all day. Indeed the bathroom is no longer only as a place to shower, but a lot of things you can do when inside. If you can decorate the bathroom right, a fresh atmosphere and cool will definitely have a positive impact for yourself.
Here is a bathroom design by Porcelanosa. Many options picture as inspiration, so that your bathroom looking beautiful. One thing designer advantages in building this bathroom is a good attention to color scheme, so can provide a cool and fresh atmosphere in the bathroom. Wall material used in the bathroom was lovely and beautiful to the eye. Homogeneus tile as a base material to give the impression of luxury. You also will be interested the sinks, the beautiful designs accordance with the main theme of the bathroom, so makes its perfect.
Equipped with simple and multi-function of furniture, add a harmony of space that is created. You can innovate by putting plants or lighting at the top of cabinet.
Well, not always the image of the bathroom is moist and covered. If designer carefully and thoroughly, bathroom will be a clean and comfortable.

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